Towing & Roadside Services

Hello, My Name is Rob Robinson and I am the owner. I am a second generation Mechanic and tow truck operator. My father was one of the best in the business in his days and he always said. “ You don’t have to have the newest, fastest or prettiest truck in this business, just do everything to take care of your customers car.”

Those are words to live by in my business.  Nobody is perfect but why not give it your best shot to be. We use some of the latest equipment on our truck to insure the safety of the customers vehicle. Our rollback is equipped with Our Four Point Tie Down System features four 2 inch straps to secure vehicle tires with no damage to tie rods, CV joints or air dams. The towed vehicle rides on its own suspension with no hooks to pull or bend the vehicle. Completed adjustable to any size car or light truck tire. The old way was to use 1 or 2 chains in the back on the frame or rear end and the winch cable and use tension from those to hold the car in place. This can cause damage to the car. If a chain breaks the car can fall off causing major damage.

Today’s wheel lift tow trucks are made for fast easy load and go operations. Mostly the weight of the car holds them in place on these lifts. Some do not even have any kind of way to insure the arms hold the wheel tight to the truck or even have a back up safety pin in place in case the main pin on the arm breaks. Ours have safety pin back ups to insure the car stays on the truck.

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We provide 24 hour towing and emergency roadside services. We tow for the following motor clubs:

AllState Motor Club
Agero Roadside
Signature Motor Club
Cross County Motor club
Coach-net Motor club
Road America Motor club
Quest Motor club
Nation Safe Driver
We have towed everything from this new $200k Bentley, big 4x4's to car going to the crusher. You call and we will haul.
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